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Johannesson's News

Posted by Johannesson - November 5th, 2009

WHY TEH FUCKZ0RS R TEH MC 5.5 NOT AUTTT YETTZZ!!?!?!?!?!!?!? I R N0 PATIENCE LOALDASODASDASLODASKLDAODLAODAL well maybe I have alot of patient actually.

I swear I do -.-!

Posted by Johannesson - July 24th, 2009


Posted by Johannesson - June 11th, 2009

I've been lookin' around Newgrounds, a bit. Just to check out some movies/games. And I was thinking: "Maybe I should just make one last submission?". And now I am checking out some games/movies, for idéas.

The game/movie will be developed anytime soon.

Next Edition will be in a few days (Or hours).

Last Game/Movie to be uploaded by me.

Posted by Johannesson - May 20th, 2009

Reason is, that I am bored as hell on Newgrounds. And I find nothing good. That's why I am taking a break, for entering Newgrounds.

Tests will still be uploaded.

Posted by Johannesson - May 10th, 2009

Ok, so. You'll probably understand what that means. It means that I'm making three news, every month. And it will feature like, what I'm planning to do. And stuff that I'm doing..

So yeah, enjoy.

I'm planning on making either a game, or a flash. Featuring madness. It will, as always, have lots of violence. And mindless deaths..

P.S: No edits yet.

Posted by Johannesson - May 6th, 2009

..Here are a few fresh Madness Combat tests:

Test 3
Test 4
And test ONE

There was one more test, actually. But I couldn't upload it, somehow.


Posted by Johannesson - April 30th, 2009

I'm not sure if I'll make a Pico submission. It's only a maybe.


Posted by Johannesson - April 18th, 2009

..I know, it has alot of errors like: Feet won't move sometimes, hands and other movements..

I'm sorry, if I DID not rush it, like I did now. It would be better, but what the hell.. Heres the Link to the Madness test.

Posted by Johannesson - April 17th, 2009

Okay, this is finally the time when I post some real News, about what's happendin' and stuf{f..

{THE NEWS}: Me, and my good Friend Jonathan Hjorth. Is making a game together. It's called "Cavemen", and it will be a game about Cavemen's.. ( The title describes it all )..

{WHAT THE GAME WILL BE ABOUT}: In this game, you will create your own Caveman. You will be able to fight Unique monsters, and other weird Creatures. To win gold, and other good drops that might be useful in a "CvC" match, or any other "CvM".. ( In this game, Stone Coins will be the "Cash" in the game.

{WHAT CvC, and CvM MEANS}: CvC = Caveman vs. Caveman. This feature will be avaiable IF we publish it ONLINE. CvM = Caveman vs. Monster. This is the most common thing you will face, a battle..
..Be expecting some news about the Progress of the game, SOON..

Peace, bro'.
..Also, I haven't given up the Madness!

Finally, some real News..

Posted by Johannesson - April 10th, 2009

..It was hell of a fun to be there. But it's good to be back now =).