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Johannesson's News

Posted by Johannesson - January 25th, 2008

As my Mom closed flash8 without saving, i had to start over with Madness Revenge 1 and that's silly right?
But don't worry i have now made some library items to the flash and some random guy i asked if he could help me with the 'Madness sprites' to help me with the tricky parts.
As you knew i can't upload a screenie just cause im on frame 0. gets bmp when i save instead of jph or gif cuz im from sweden.
so take this to please yourself :P

Madness Revenge 1 startover -.-...

Posted by Johannesson - January 22nd, 2008

okay, i finally just begin with this episode oh wow..
well.. i don't know much about wtf im doing im just lettin' the imagination roll'..
I'm on frame 6 accually lol!
Trying to upload a screenie but won't work wtf!
So take this piece of crap then..

madness revenge 1

Posted by Johannesson - January 21st, 2008

This silly crap is going stupit wrongly! this piece of flash is not going well..
just destroyed the whole movie with one little thing i don't really remember how but i will still not give up this episode..
forget the crap i sed in the other news that countdown will start now. It will start tomorrow wtf!

BTW enjoy this picture :/

Silly crap..

Posted by Johannesson - January 21st, 2008

Alright then let's just make things move, i hate when i'm slow -_-.
If you know what kind of program you have to use to set up clips to a madness movie then you leave a pm or comment here.
madness revenge will start from now..
just do the countdown or something to make this wait fun or even if you hate the episode when it's out then it's not my problem cuz this will be my first flash ever..

Posted by Johannesson - January 20th, 2008

welcome to my page!
i have been wondering of making madness episodes on newgrounds and these will the thing be named
character: Matt Johannesson
Name: Madness revenge
but don't expect to much this is just something i "maybe" will be making.
enjoy the madness8 pic krinkels made..even that we all have seen it -_-

madness revenge?