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Johannesson's News

Posted by Johannesson - May 11th, 2008

yeah.. this time.. no madness series.. just Salad fingers!
i began it today
total frames: 1
total layers: 1
total seconds: 0.0s

so hmm.. this is coming to newgrounds.. anytime it's done
and i made a screenshot with salad fingers (not the real movie, just a picture for fun).

Salad fingers tribute..

Posted by Johannesson - May 9th, 2008

So yeah.. I saw the screenshot.. And that can't be hank right? i mean he got shot in the head and that.. and he has that serious mouth.. now that can't be him?

mc9 screenshot of Hank..

Posted by Johannesson - May 6th, 2008

and a screenshot right down from ya..

Illingworth collab.. working with it again

Posted by Johannesson - May 6th, 2008

I Am working on Forfeit 2, C vs C.. and Hankness combat.. until the first 2 is done.. i'll begun any other madness thing.....
so now im going to animate madness forfeit again.. and the thirth will be even better and then up up up..
so yeah.. kuul

Posted by Johannesson - May 5th, 2008

That's right.. now i am back doing Madness Revenge!
i'll be making a new episode cause the other one is fucked.. but i will use the same sprites (own made back in then) and i'll send a pic..
that's all
- Johannesson

Posted by Johannesson - May 4th, 2008

this is a project i have been thinking of in a while.. and finally i decided to acually make it...

It's like the Tv show "Lost".. Where people are stuck on an island because of the plane crash blah..
and so that
WITH MADNESS STYLE >:))))) >:=)=)=)=)=)
Hope you enjoy this picture of it..

Edit: Shit when i got home from school i checked my user to see if there were any comments on my page.. i was thinking "ugh 2 comments i think" and then 7..

Madness Lost.. Ep 1 begun..

Posted by Johannesson - May 3rd, 2008

yeah.. happy ng tank awards.. i don't really know what it is but whatever

PS: Don't blame me for the picture.. it's my first time doing a tankmen


Posted by Johannesson - May 1st, 2008

From now on.. i am only making pictures and Tests on my pages..
and ofcourse. i Am not giving up the projects like C V.S C and Madness Forfeit 2..

projects and stuffs
Madness forfeit 2: about 13% done.. not working to much on it..
C V.S C (Madness character vs character): about umm.. 16% maybe.. i dunno.. but so far so good..
and that's it..
here's a screeny from what i did in paint..
Enjoy ^_^

Attention Peoples..

Posted by Johannesson - April 29th, 2008

so yeah.... I am animating on it right now.. and here's a screenshot of it..
i think you'll notice who is who..
mine is at the left.. the one with hair

EDIT: i Putted a new screenshot of madness character vs character (c vs c)

EDIT 2: I putted in some frames from C V.S C.. Tell me what you think about it..
http://img247.imageshack.us/my.php?ima ge=framesfromcvscvy6.swf
note: the movie is 28 FPS.. but in Imageshack it goes slower

EDIT 3 -_-: I put a new screenshot of C V.S C.. When Agent .I kills Nuttro :U!!
Note for Nuttro: Don't worry.. you already owned one character.. And over 900 frames?!!?! in almost 2

EDIT 4: I'm bored..

Started Madness Character V.S Character now...

Posted by Johannesson - April 27th, 2008

so far there is 6 joiners:
1: Kingapple (done)
2: Uberhank
3: Hjorth (my friend) (done)
4: Nuttro (done)
5: 7Isunlucky (done)
6: Illingworthproducts (done)
And me of course..
The list is full.. no more characters can be sended (except those who already is on the list)

Madness Forfeit 2
So far so good.. 2 kills in 917 frames.. and i promise.. that the 2nd is much smoother and better than the old choppy madness forfeit

EDIT: i have began working once again on my madness day flash
here's a scene from it..
http://img112.imageshack.us/my.php?ima ge=madness2008scene7eg8.swf
note: when i am animation on madness forfeit 2 it's just lagging up like hell!
EDIT 2: i made a new display picture.. not so good but better than nothing..

Madness Character V.S Character joiners..