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du får gärna komma till tranås och bjuda på kaffe när du vunnit dom där 3000 spännen

I honestly want people to keep making these unoriginal Madness videos so you can make a sequel to this masterpiece.

Like DJ Khaled said: "Another one".

TOXlCITY responds:

I kinda miss making effortless garbage with Flash, so, I might have a contribution to Madness Day 2016 if starting college doesn't set me back too much and my free time doesn't completely disintegrate.

Thanks for your support!

This animation reminds me of when I was younger and struggling to animate. It's short and not that well animated, but keep practicing, learn from others and I'm sure you'll be great in the future!

You need a v-cam and more lively scenes with backgrounds. After that, you're all set!

Eh, I don't know. This feels like a typical YouTube vlog with the music and how you present yourself. You're not really bringing anything new to the table.

Ehronaut responds:

Thanks for the honesty :)

I've watched the whole "of the Madness" series a thousand times over, and they are honestly really good to be like 4 or 5 years old.

Hell, it even gave me enough inspiration to make a similar animation for my exam with the madness figures and all.

With the talent you possess now, I don't doubt DOTM: Overtime is going to be amazing! Can't wait for that masterpiece.

You have improved since I've last seen one of your animations. But I got to say that you use way too many tweens.

Anyways, great job on this little short. The ending made me laugh!

GabrielBarsch responds:

i animate the most of the time using tweens

Dude, I can honestly say that your zombie films are just terrific! You litteraly make me jizz whenever I watch one of your zombie movies.

I fucking love you.

Amazing work, my friend.

Sweet, fluid and fast paced. I like this! :-D

Ellvis responds:

Thank you very much

Connect with me: http://youtube.com/user/ludabaws https://twitter.com/ludavig

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